Technology solutions allowing the maintenance of Safe Operating Procedures, including social distancing on construction sites in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

A Scottish (UK) based publicly funded organisation working with companies across the built environment sector is seeking technology based solutions to help maintain Safe Operating Procedures on construction sites, including means to work at a safe distance. Ideally these solutions will also incorporate other features to assist with the management of safe operations. The organisation…


METRIX measures business processes to improve and increase quality, using software and hardware that enables proactive monitoring and early detection of errors or failures that affect quality of service and productivity.


Digipest S.L offers technological solutions in pest control, farming, and environment Tech solutions.

IoT, Computer vision and predictive models in artificial intelligence are their 3 main features

Open Call of Trinity DIH project targets application experiments: Funding for use case demonstrations with robotics, IoT and cybersecurity for agile production

This first open call of Trinity DIH project targets application experiments (a.k.a. use case demonstrations) which include ICT technologies including robotics, IoT and cybersecurity to facilitate agile production in European companies. The call includes two tracks: End-users driven demonstrations, which aim at validating the demonstration of technologies proposed by the participating DIHs. This track, which has a budget of 1M€, targets end-users…

Funding for tech transfer between academy and industry in low energy computing for CPS and IoT. Open Call for members of DIHBU Industry 4.0

This third bilateral open call targets experiments in which an academic partner (tech provider) transfers a particular novel hardware or software technology in the domain of customized low energy computing to a receiving industry partner (tech receiver) for novel or improved products or processes based on Cyber‐Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IOT). Hence, applications must be submitted by consortia including, at least, one academic partner…


M2Sensors is a startup born from research and professional experience in sensor field for energize the sector and offer an integral, robust and scalable solutions to all the professionals who need to know and control their processes and services. The M2Sensors system has been specially designed for monitoring historical buildings. Through the use of sensor networks,…

Hermes Smart Control

Design and development of monitorization process solutions. Anti-fraud identification system over a product


Software development, cloud-systems implementation and development and implementation of digital products services: Mobile APPs, Web & Ecommerce: CMS/ On demand, ERP & CRM, Data Integration