DIHBU has a specific program for Startups with Industry 4.0  and business digitization solutions.

If you are an SME less than 5 years old, or an advanced business project, and you have a solution that you would like to show under our support, or provide solutions and project proposals, we will be happy to meet you.  Within DIHBU we have partners who can help you in your process, and the DIHBU also offers you the possibility to make yourself known in Industry 4.0 field.  Being a DIHBU Startup does not mean being part of our association, but it does mean to have our backing.  We want to help you in your growth in Castilla y León!

Get to know our Startups!


METRIX measures business processes to improve and increase quality, using software and hardware that enables proactive monitoring and early detection of errors or failures that affect quality of service and productivity.

Hermes Smart Control

Design and development of monitorization process solutions. Anti-fraud identification system over a product


Development Of Blockchain Technology For Companies. Supply Chain, Security Tokens and University Education.

Experience Factory

Development of simulation events, virtual experiences, development of virtual reality projects, augmented reality and drones

Conéctate soluciones y aplicaciones

In Conéctate Soluciones y Aplicaciones S.L they offer health solutions based on industry 4.0 innovative technologies, using as a base their blockchain and Universal Health Identifier pattent.


Software development, cloud-systems implementation and development and implementation of digital products services: Mobile APPs, Web & Ecommerce: CMS/ On demand, ERP & CRM, Data Integration