Keyland Sistemas de Gestión is a company founded in 2008, dedicated to the optimization, development, commercialization and implementation of processes and management solutions for companies operating in competitive environment, specialized in industrial activity. Keyland has working centers in Burgos, Valladolid, Madrid and Mexico.

As part of their services portfolio , an organization improvement service is offered, taking advantage of its knowledge inproduction processes and the offer of technological solutions that allow the optimization of the operations and management of Organizations. Keyland, as an expert supplier in the industrial sector, has a specific methodology for diagnosing opportunities for improvement and implementation of management solutions oriented to Industry 4.0.
In line with Industry 4.0 services, Keyland provides services for the configuration of collaborative robotics solutions, which enable operations to be performed more efficiently, flexibly and safely.
Keyland team is made of specialists in the field of ICT and Industry 4.0 at all levels, providing extensive experience in the automotive, logistics, pharmaceutical, etc, sectors.
Keyland  is owned by two partners: Grupo Antolín and Vector ITC Group.